Rahe Mountain Podcast
  • Chad
3 episodes
Interviews with the most interesting people in the Tri-State area of KY,OH & IN.


Rahe Mountain Podcast Episode 3 Season 1 - Mike Reeder
2021 Jan 151h 48m 30s
This Episode is with Mike Reeder. Mike is a Musician, Business Owner, Producer. Engineer & Pillar of the Vintage Musical Instrument Dealers across the World. I think you'll find the interview entertaining as well as educational. Had a great time and...
Rahe Mountain Podcast Episode 2 Season 1 - Buckeye Dave Shields
2020 Dec 301h 57m 10s
Howdy and Welcome to Episode 2 Season 1 of Rahe's Mountain Podcast. My guest today is Dave "Buckeye" Shields. Dave is a supporter of Parkinson Support and Wellness throughout the Tri-State Area. He is also a guitarist for the band White Liger and a...
Rahe Mountain Podcast Episode 1 Season 1 - Bernard Griess
2020 Dec 122h 50m 58s
Rahe Mountain Podcast Episode 1 Season 1 - Bernard GriessHowdy & Welcome to our first podcast. My guest today is the talented Bernard Griess. Bernard is a long time friend as well as a great musician, artist and writer. settle in and get ready for...