Ditch Day
  • Mackenzie & Celine
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Mackenzie and Celine are the best friends and life coaches you never had in high school. Free-spirited and full of light, Mackenzie and Celine infuse wonder into everyday life, helping you cultivate your passion and find true fulfillment. They explore themes of self-love, empowerment, and relationships, aiming to be a source of inspiration and positivity. Each week, they swap personal experiences, offer advice, and share lots of laughs. Mackenzie and Celine hope you'll grab a glass of wine, embrace your inner child, and join them for Ditch Day!


the age of the freaking aquarius! what is manifestation, celine discovers astrology, and high school memories to leave behind
2020 Dec 211h 3m 29s
It's a big day for the universe, and Celine and Mackenzie want to spend it with you! Today's episode is all about manifestation and astrology. How can we use manifestation to achieve our dream lives? What is the Great Conjunction? What does it mean to...
self care and other bs you've been sold
2020 Dec 1042m 23s
This week, the ladies dive into everything self-care. They discuss how true self-care has been muddled by capitalism, why they believe self-care is not as easy as you might think, and what they've done recently to care for themselves!
there's a man in your head!
2020 Dec 0444m 25s
This week, Celine and Mackenzie tackle the issue of the male gaze by revealing how it prevents women from living in a manner that's true to themselves and their happiness. They explore the trope of the manic pixie dream girl, relating it to how popular...
the ditch day that started it all: an introduction
2020 Dec 0127m 52s
Welcome to the first episode of Ditch Day with Celine and Mackenzie! In this episode, the girls welcome you into their friendship. They introduce you to the inspiration behind their podcast, discussing the ways in which school systems fail to instill...