3 Life Changing Tips from Highly Effective People
  • Sharique Javaid
17 episodes
Our guests share 3 valuable tips in first 10 minutes of the show. In second half of the show, our viewers get to know about their profession and their journey.


Episode 16 with Delia Scales - a retired nurse from Melbourne, Australia
2021 Jan 2219m 58s
3 tips about sustainable & error free health care by a retired Nurse: Delia Scales (Melbourne, Australia)
Ep. 15 with Fernanda Torres (Nurse, Speaker & PodcastHost) from (Arizona, USA)
2021 Jan 2228m 45s
3 success tips by a registered Nurse, Speaker & #PodcastHost - Fernanda Torres (Arizona, USA)
Episode 14 with Trevor Lohrbeer from North Carolina, USA with 20+ years of startup experience.
2021 Jan 0925m 40s
Interview with Trevor Lohrbeer from Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Ep. 13 with C.L. KING (Motivational Speaker) from North Carilona USA
2020 Dec 2723m 56s
Interview with C.L. KING (Motivational Speaker) from North Carilona USA.
Ep. 12 with Lotus Riché (Washington DC USA) - speaker, mindset strategist, media personality & CEO
2020 Dec 2331m 9s
From being raped at age 6, she lived in #silence and #fear with the #nightmare for over 15 years before she broke her silence and freed herself from the #bondage of what many would call being the “victim” she turned it into her greatest #Victory.
Episode 11 with Dave Bahr (Denver, Colorado USA) - blind from birth - author, speaker & comedian
2020 Dec 1831m 50s
Dave Bahr is an author, speaker, and comedian fo­cused on demystifying the public’s perception of how to interact with people with disabilities. As the founder of In-Sightful Living, Dave works as an accessibility con­sultant, aiding organizations to enhance their systems, environments, events, and cultures to be supportive of people with disabilities. Blind from birth, he teaches that having a disability is not a hindrance, but an asset.
Episode 10 with Tara R Eusebi (California, USA) | Entrepreneur & Chief Blesser of Bless
2020 Dec 1118m 26s
Our guest is Tara R Eusebi from Costa Mesa, California, USA. Bio: Tara Eusebi is the Founder & Chief Blesser of Bless. In 2018, she stepped away from a successful career in corporate America to pursue her passion for helping others. The account of her journey has inspired and encouraged countless others to discover their passion and go after their dreams.
Episode 9 with Marta Spirk (Denver, USA) | Empowerment Coach & Speaker
2020 Dec 0417m 32s
Marta Spirk from Denver, Colorado, USA  is an Empowerment Coach & Speaker
Episode 8 with Mark S. Lewis (New Orleans, USA) - CEO, Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker & Author
2020 Nov 2922m 5s
In episode 8, our ur guest is Mark S. Lewis from New Orleans, USA. He is a CEO & Entrepreneur Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author.
Episode 7 with Jodi Krangle (Toronto Canada) - Voice Actor for TV & Radio and Podcast Host
2020 Nov 2726m 27s
Jodi Krangle from Toronto Canada is a Voice Cctor for TV & radio commercials since 2007 & a podcaster.