BILL'S SAC SPOKESMEN (With comments by Brian)
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We've toured the city by bicycle on our lunch breaks and have come to a few conclusions about the music, films, and food of which we've partaken...


Submini Tube Amp
2010 Aug 10
From the heart (bowel?) of 'Donut Labs', as Bill likes to call it, here's the newest addition to the family. Currently residing in a U-Haul cube, on its way to Seattle with one of the poster's best friends and bandmates, this submini tube puts out a monstrous 1 watt (approx). The upshot is, you get to totally overdrive the tubes and still play at a volume that won't have the cops at your door. In other words, if you're going to be renting out a basement apartment in Queen Anne, and you still want to record a cranked tube amp, this might just work. Being the first time around the block with this circuit, there were some difficulties, but overall I'm pleased with the end result. The video at the bottom of the page gives a taste of the sound, (though you have to hear it through a crummy camera mic, a room fan, and people talking). I got to hear it for about 3 minutes, since I didn't have a proper cabinet to test it with. Bon voyage, little amp.
New Single = Books
2010 Jul 28
Due to the excellent rapport the Sac Spokesmen have with The is a sampling of their latest for your consideration.
Tanks Cover No. 2
2010 Jul 24
leftinside breaks for the kids.
Jeremy Jay Diatribe - Spokesmen Podcast 001
2010 Apr 09
Welcome to our first edition of the Spokesmen podcast! In this edition we rant about Jeremy Jay. Burnt Toast wants to know: "Is this guy for real?"...Hilarity ensues... 1)To listen from this blog, just click the play button or the picture below. 2)To subscribe to the actual podcast, do this: On itunes just go to menu item Advanced/Subscribe To Podcast/then copy the link from the title of this blog post into the URL dialogue box(hover your pointer over the title and then right click "copy shortcut" to save the link address).
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