• Olympio Richard
12 episodes
Life transformation


The God of supernatural provision
2020 Oct 2931m 13s
God is able to supply all needs and wants, God never lack anything. He made all things so will never lack, he provides to is in due season and bring joy to our soul.
Be Recovered through sacrifice
2020 Jun 2042m 45s
Sacrifice brings recovery in our life,where there is an acceptable sacrifice God speaks and things that are going wrong comes to normality
Engaging God's word for total recovery
2020 Jun 0642m 6s
The word of God have the power to bring back all the is lost to us again, the power of the word cant be stop by the devil,the fire of the word is too strong for demons to stop it operation
You shall recover all
2020 May 2744m 28s
God sent his son for us to recover all what had been lost,stolen from us.
Connect to your source
2020 May 0737m 41s
Every great person has a source of his/her greatness,connecting to a source determines where you will end either good or bad. Make sure you are connected to the right source for a great and bright future
What it means to be a new creation
2020 May 0531m 6s
You have to understand why you must be born again into the kingdom
Reason why you must strengthen yourself
2020 Apr 2129m 24s
Every Christian must strengthen him or herself, you need strength to do a lot things in your life
How to become a strong Christian
2020 Apr 1733m 43s
Every Christian must be strong in the lord,every weak Christian never go far
2020 Apr 1249m 59s
Christ resurrected with greater power and brought inheritance unto us
How the blood of Jesus can save you from Hell 2
2020 Apr 1019m 35s
The power of the blood