The ODD PODD with Badway
  • Tommy Seno. JKB
8 episodes
You name it I will talk about it ...Mr. Opinion is in the house and you're invited.


Episode 10. No particular place to end up...
2020 Oct 3052m 26s
Just rambling about things till the hiccups show up...but hey I'm a trooper.
Episode 9. Blues you can use
2020 Oct 0140m 25s
A little blues a little stupidity but hey what do you expect on the Odd Podd .
Episode 7 just a couple of things.
2020 Sep 1650m 58s
Police shot, lack of morality, personal responsibility... the world is going to hell in a shopping cart. Pick up your asbestos coat on aisle 6
Episode 6. Blues Ditties
2020 Sep 0635m 2s
Doing a couple of freestyle blues with some backing tracks. Brief commentary about the bluesy world we live in.
Episode 5 Blues in the key of me...
2020 Aug 3036m 24s
A couple of accapella bluesy type songs with a brief commentary on proper perspective regarding race and police.
Episode 4. Jacob Blake commentary sort of.
2020 Aug 2956m 8s
Commentary about getting both sides of a story and being objective. Stop glorifying criminals.
Episode 2 pt. 2 Chase continued.
2020 Aug 201h 13m 1s
We discuss everything from science to religion to nutrition...chemtrails etc...setting you up for future more in depth conversations on these subjects and more.
Episode 1. Part 1. Interview with Chase James
2020 Aug 202h 11m 59s
Covering a variety of topics such as space, time, covid, immune system, science etc... with a little humor to ease the ride... enjoy.
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