The Remarkable Plant
  • Fletcher Farms Hemp Co
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Cannabis Sativa is a Remarkable Plant containing all sorts of Natural Components that are beneficial to humans and animals. We talk to industry experts, leading scientist and you will hear about our experience owning a hemp farm and producing quality CBD products in this burgeoning industry. There is just too much to cover when it comes to this Remarkable Plant. This podcast is presented by Fletcher Farms Hemp Co. a Oregon hemp farm who makes a variety Cannabinoid products from seed to shelf.


Ep. 2 - Cannabis Stocks and Investing with Johnny Lee
2021 Jan 121h 4m 52s
With the chance of Cannabis Legalization on the horizon, many people are wondering what Cannabis stocks should I buy?  Where do I begin? Or how do I access these stocks that are being traded? So I decided to bring on my good friend, Johnny Lee.  Johnny is an investor guru and entrepreneur based in LA. He has helped create and been apart of many successful businesses over the years (Meatzilla, Korea Town Pizza Company, Milk and T) and now spends most of his time teaching people how to invest. In this hour long episode, he gives you the full break down on where to start when investing into Cannabis Stocks, from ETF's. SPACS, REITS and overall great places to start when venturing into the Stock Market. You might want a pen and paper for this one, it is packed with good stuff!
The Intro Episode
2020 Nov 0626m 45s
In this episode I give an intro to Fletcher Farms Hemp Co. How it came about and where we are now. I cover a little bit of everything in this one, from recent Cannabis states legalizing, my background, our hemp farm in Oregon, the difference between isolate and full spectrum, drug testing, CBD Products and much more.
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