Close Your Ears
  • Eric Hicks
17 episodes
Close Your Ears podcast is a platform to discuss current/trending topics, promote rising businesses, artists, and events; while even spreading awareness about the good and sometimes bad things happening in our own back yard of the 717 area (Harrisburg,Pa). Close Your Ears is also an open platform meaning we’re about letting others voice their opinion and we encourage you to do it with us... Also it’s called Close Your Ears because you may not agree and or not like the opinions you may hear and we kingly ask in that manner you very much just CLOSE YOUR EARS !!!!


Unleash ur humble alpha (feat. Steven Kuhn & “ the aboriginal “
2021 Jan 111h 34m 52s
In this two part episode I first sit down with ex army combat veteran Steven Kuhn; Author, business consultant, and co founder of humble alpha concepts & training to break down the making of his journey and book Unleash your humble alpha... then it’s the voice I’m sure y’all miss in part two of this episode as the aboriginal and I discuss the storming of the capitol and why blacks should just be watching silently and much more !!!
Is the clubhouse line longer than your relationship??? (feat Marc Scott)
2021 Jan 031h 49m 6s
In this episode we sit and chop it up with a Facebook content creator and up and coming podcaster about the beauty of the new clubhouse app and relationships... from why they don’t last long to appreciating them even when they don’t last long, control, work husbands and much more !!!
Understanding C.R.E.A.M (feat Alfred Sloan)
2020 Dec 282h 41m 7s
In this episode we discuss financial literacy, importance of multiple streams of income, how ur upbringing plays a major role to the coins in ur pocket today, black facts and much much more !!!
Don’t judge me b*tch!!! (Feat chum & miss mia)
2020 Dec 211h 47m 59s
In this episode we some jewels from chum and miss Mia; a young striving entrepreneur about her various hustles and the facts of life... we also break down a bad decision that landed a local judge on front page news and so much much more... press play and some may wanna CLOSE YOUR EARS 🙉🙉🙉
A tip from the fans ( feat Eisha Harden, chum & the aboriginal)
2020 Dec 141h 47m 3s
This episode we get thoughts from ms harden a follower of the show that’s in the process of starting her own podcast and we chop it up with the aboriginal and chum about vaccines, tipping kids on the corner, waitresses, and a lot more !!!!
Tha black goddess says (feat LaShawn Patterson & the aboriginal)
2020 Dec 061h 52m 25s
In this episode we get a woman’s perspective on a few hot topics on the internet from the black upscale business owner telling a party of black women to get the f*ck out his establishment for twerking to how the black goddess started a trucking business from the muscle and a lot more deeper sh*t
Lights Coronas Action ( feat. Thomas Johnson aka mr one four and the aboriginal)
2020 Nov 301h 7m 14s
In this episode we break down the latest Instagram battle, a nap for Nate Robinson and the Tyson jones match up and a lot more !!!
Secure the ps5 in my yard...Gucci (feat “the aboriginal”)👌🏾👌🏾
2020 Nov 201h 1m 10s
In this episode me and the aboriginal discuss the different levels of insecurity and why some women despise men playing video games and much more...buckle up and don’t forget to CLOSE YOUR EARS🙉🙉🙉
Dads are parents too
2020 Nov 1058m 59s
This episode me and young Cardo get into fatherhood and being a step parent from a personal aspect told y’all we going deep and close your ears 🙉🙉🙉
Big mouth and big mouth jr
2020 Nov 051h 55s
In this episode we chop it up the aboriginal, special guests latonia n the kookbook about parenting N one issue I’ve encountered having a pre-teen , the boxing world since ima knock a kid out and rap up the election of a lifetime and much more