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I discuss various life and dynamic topics from spirituality, holistic living, outdoors, nature, athletics and everything in-between.


Building container homes for a better future // #impaulius podcast ep.8
2020 Dec 211h 14m 33s
I had a pleasure of speaking with Lucas & Tiago Forte from Forte Shelter. We discuss everything it takes to build a container, the benefits to humanity, the sustainability aspects, and general concerns of what goes into building one.
How to generate income with a small urban farm // #impaulius podcast ep.7
2020 Dec 1557m 29s
I sit down with Michael Bell from Dallas Half Acre Farm and we discuss how he started his passionate side hustle (farming) while working full-time as a teacher. We learn about the beginning trial & error, good soil, what he plants and strategy to build a loyal customer base.   🌐 Find Michael / Dallas Half Acre Farm: ^shoot him a DM if you're in the Dallas Area and pick up some greens :)    Watch the video version: 🤗SUPPORT THE PODCAST: 🌟 🌟Cashapp: @impaulius 🌟Venmo: @impaulius 🌟Bitcoin: 1ECo5N1SQTux6mzoK5xe2THSKjGUWfn7wp    FOLLOW IMPAULIUS: (coming soon)    🎵Music: Song: H2O
Contemplative disciplines & survival training with Guru Viking Steve James // #impaulius podcast #6
2020 Dec 071h 55m 10s
We talk to with Steve James known as Guru Viking, who teaches self-development, has vast experience in contemplative disciplines, outdoor survival and what it's like living on a boat. He is also currently collaborating with Shinzen Young on 11-Day Virtual Retreat.
How to overcome drug addiction and do what you love // impaulius podcast #5
2020 Dec 031h 6m 56s
On the SoloPolo episode I discuss my drug abuse and addiction, how I overcame it and how going after the things you love are the cure and an answer for everything.   🤗SUPPORT THE PODCAST: 🌟Cashapp: @impaulius 🌟Venmo: @impaulius 🌟Bitcoin: 1ECo5N1SQTux6mzoK5xe2THSKjGUWfn7wp
impaulius podcast #4: Professional Basketball player Juozas Balciunas
2020 Dec 011h 16m 28s
Juozas is a professional athlete in France, he shares his journey of ups and downs and how picking up on spirituality has helped him shift towards a holistic way of living.    🌐 Find Juozas:
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