• Joseph Robinson
7 episodes
The Antithesis is a raging cry against popular culture, addressing social myths, challenging societal norms, and getting back to the truth about love, family, God, and relationships. It’s time to take back our culture with the power of truth and love. The Antithesis


Knowing Yourself By The Spirit Pt 2
2020 Dec 2827m 33s
Second installment of knowing yourself by the Spirit, part of the Dealing With The Spirit of a Thing series. How does God see us? Are we seeing ourselves and our lives as God sees? What I’ll the Lord have you and I accomplish in this coming year and by who’s power? Join me on another look into the realm of the Spirit.
Knowing Yourself By The Spirit
2020 Oct 2536m 17s
Only the spirit of man can reveal to you who you are. To know your spirit is to know yourself.
Dealing With The Spirit Of A Thing Pt 2
2020 Oct 1055m 56s
This episode gives some insight on the origins of Satan, his fall, his effect of the earth, and how Jesus defeated Him for our justification.
Dealing With the Spirit of a Thing
2020 Oct 0434m 28s
We are living in a world at war. No, not the external world, but we are in the middle of a spiritual battle that has been waging for millennia. Spiritual awareness is key for us to approach this life correctly and this series will be discussing the unseen realm.
A Better Path To Love: The Love There Is
2020 Sep 2757m 13s
Now we’re come to end. Now we see clearly what we need, a real love, steadfast and genuine. Let’s looks at how truly expresses itself in our lives and in the world.
Love’s Conduit
2020 Sep 1954m 25s
We’ve talked about selfish, self centered love and how it’s not the answer to the world’s problems, but how do we get to the true love that God had called us to? Episode two of this series in A Better Path To Love is look at this.
The Antithesis: A Better Path To Love Pt 1
2020 Sep 1140m 27s
The word love has truly been lost in our world and so has the real meaning of love. This first episode of a three part series examines what we think about self-love. Tune in!
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