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Two friends recently graduating college at Bloomsburg University while facing the COVID - 19 Pandemic. So two friends now wanting to spread their love for film, tv, video games, and theater. We are Mike's and Mics Podcast. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/michael-lamberti/support


Mike's On Mics Episode Nine: Did Kamen Rider Predicted 2020?
2021 Jan 0143m 4s
I think as we look back on 2020, there were things humans need to know. What does hatred to do a person?  Kamen Rider uses real-world events in something that's different, refreshing, and sometimes political. About how hatred is in all of us and sometimes both sides want the same goal. Peace, diversity, and acceptance.  But our hatred blinds us from that reality because that is the will of the ark.
Mike's on Mics Episode Eight: Mandalorian Season 2 But it's ASMR (Review)
2020 Dec 2322m 25s
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!
Mike's on Mics Episode Seven: Beastars, BNA, BAD DRAGON?! OH GOD!!
2020 Dec 0257m 50s
In this episode, we will talk about Netflix's new Original Anime Series Beastars and BNA!  We have a guest host today and for some reason, he calls himself Bad Dragon...I'm concerned.  Did you watch Beastars or BNA? Make sure you follow our social media and let us know what your opinions are!
Mike's on Mics Episode Six: PS5, Should You Simp For It?
2020 Nov 2132m 25s
Since there are some rumors about a potential shut down. You might as well get equip yourself with food, soaps, movies, and the new next-generation gaming consoles. If you're able to get one at least, thanks, scalpers. Let us know what you think about the PS5! Do you love it? Did you manage to get one? Share your thoughts by tagging us on social media!
Mike's on Mics Episode Five: Is Last of Us 2 A Masterpiece?
2020 Nov 0936m 23s
Sorry, this episode took a lot of time to make.  But the wait is finally over! Make sure you follow and share the podcast to keep this show alive!
Mike's on Mics Episode Four: The Rise Of Clone Wars
2020 Oct 1143m 36s
We're working on a short film which will delay our discussion for Naughty Dog's "The Last of Us 2" for next week. BUT we're talking about something near and dear to my heart and something that is still relevant today. That ladies and gentleman is Disney's Plus's Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We have a special guest for today's episode so make sure you listen to our opinions about Clone Wars!
Mike's on Mics Episode Three: So about Mulan...
2020 Oct 0231m 16s
This week we're not reviewing Mulan, what were talking about some of the controversies that this film is facing. You will hear our opinions on the matter and what's going on with Hollywood as a whole.
Mike's on Mics Podcast Episode Two: The Mandolorian Season 2 Trailer Discussion
2020 Sep 1714m 20s
Today's episode, Lamberti will be breaking down the teaser trailer for the Mandolorian Season 2 that will be on Disney Plus on October 30th, 2020. What are his hopes for the new season of the Mandolorian, concerns, and possible theories?
Mike's on Mics Podcast Episode One: The Avengers Game
2020 Sep 1323m 16s
Today we discuss the Avengers Game that recently came out. Discussing the campaign, the gameplay, the glitches, and see if this game is worth sixty dollars.
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