The Random Academy
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4 episodes
The Random Academy is a podcast show where the host and guest(s) speak of anything that comes to mind. 100% Random! Each show will have its own topic. No two shows, topics nor guest will be alike. #MadRandom PG-17


Why U single tho?!
2020 Feb 0311m 54s
My thought of “Single-ness” let me know if you feel different.
2020 Jan 236m 5s
Oral hygiene: who, what, where, why & how you do it! **LIKE COMMENT SHARE!
The NapCap
2020 Jan 1117m 22s
Episode is based off a Facebook post. > There’s more to life than just working a bullshit job, buying every pair of Jordan’s and living in an apartment.
Random Intro
2020 Jan 1026s
Just getting started! #MadRandom LetsWork
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.