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Anything guests and I choose to discuss from food ,drink and travel, cryptozoology, religion, and reviews. Lets all learn something new!


Mrs Stevens - my first guest!
2021 Jan 2536m 32s
Underwear doesn’t need folded
Florida Restaurants Venice area
2021 Jan 2020m 32s
2021 Jan 1427m 29s
Would Myspace sensor us?
Play List!
2021 Jan 1224m 54s
Royalty Free Music from some great Artist!
Big Amazon!
2021 Jan 0935m 42s
C'mon Rotten Tomatoes,  Please!
Miller Documents
2021 Jan 0421m 28s
Cobra Kai Season 3!
Interesting Facts!
2020 Dec 3129m 42s
The Founder (McDonald’s Movie)
2020 Dec 2620m 52s
Believe nothing what you hear and half of what you see
2020 Dec 2222m 51s
Admit it and Quit it! 2021 Resolution