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Did you know we are all made unique? Join AshleyDannie as she explores everyone's uniqueness through faith, stories, and so much more! If you want to be apart of the journey join her on the 139FOURTEEN Podcast! You can find my show on the Limitless Podcast Network! For more information please visit!


A New Year Splash
2021 Jan 1827m 19s
AshleyDannie's New Year did not start out how we all hope. Join her as she talks about the lies we tell ourselves about New Year and how she has hope through it all even in the dark moments.  Connect with AshleyDannie on:  1. Instagram:...
God's Plan - Presenting Jesus
2020 Dec 2513m 36s
Sit back and get ready to hear about the baby that was and is the most important reason to celebrate this season - JESUS! He is our Messiah and AshleyDannie reflects on that during this bonus Christmas Episode. Merry Christmas!  Connect with...
God's Plan - There are No Background Characters
2020 Dec 2119m 31s
AshleyDannie talks about the Shepherds and the Wise Men today because they have such an important part in the Christmas story! Join her as she talks about how there are no background characters in God's Plan!  Remember we are all Fearfully &...
God's Plan: You are NOT a Mistake
2020 Dec 1420m 40s
AshleyDannie talks about John the Baptist today, but not about his life, but what led up to his life. We can learn something from John's story - God doesn't make mistakes. Don't believe me? Listen in to hear. Connect with AshleyDannie on:  1. Instagram:...
God's Plan - Mary & Joseph
2020 Nov 3019m 5s
November 30, which means Christmas season is here! What better way than to talk about God's Plan - and no I am not talking about the Rap Song - I am talking about the massive puzzle that we are all a tiny piece in. This week AshleyDannie is talking...
Finding Yourself
2020 Nov 1628m 57s
Today AshleyDannie is going to discuss a hot topic - Finding Yourself! How do you find who you are and what your purpose is? Well listen in because she is going to give you the ONLY way to truly know who you are and who you are meant to be!    Connect...
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
2020 Nov 0223m 18s
Today we are going to dive into the Psalm Chapter 139 and pull a part what the author is saying in this chapter. Join AshleyDannie as she talks about all the ways God knows us and is with us!   Connect with AshleyDannie on:  1. Instagram:...
My Puzzle Piece in God's Story
2020 Oct 1948m 44s
Today you are going to hear my story. It is not the whole story of all the trials that God was with me in, but it is kind of the main track. So sit back and as you listen, I hope you see how God has shaped my story and now how I am doing all I can to...
Welcome to the Family!
2020 Oct 1620m 2s
Tune into this brand new faith based podcast produced and supported by Limitless Broadcasting! Get to know AshleyDannie's personality, background, and heart for this podcast. No matter where you are in your faith, you are family and you are welcomed here! Connect with AshleyDannie on: 1. Instagram: @byashleydannie 2. Facebook: @byashleydannie12 3. Wordpress: 4. Limitless Broadcasting Company 5. Instagram: @LimitlessBroadcasting 6. Facebook: Limitless Broadcasting Company Limitless Broadcasting Youtube Channel: If you want to know more about her producers, go to for more information, access to our store for great products, or if you want to help support us! To support us we have a Patreon Platform where you can give! ( Remember, the possibilities are limitless! Tags: FaithGodJesusBibleTruthChristianityChristianThe 139Fourteen PodcastStoriesTestimoniesStoriesInspirationalRadioTelevisionBroadcastingBroadcasting CompanyPodcast NetworkVideo Production