The Art of Being..
  • Linda Parkinson-Hardman
10 episodes
Welcome to The Art of Being.., a podcast about who we are as human beings and how we show up in the world. This is the place I want to talk to and uncover more about what makes the world such a unique and diverse place. What these interviews teach me is that it doesn’t matter what the question, everyone always has a different answer. And what that tells me is that there is no such thing as ‘normal’, there is no such thing as ‘the same’ and there is definitely no such thing as better or best. I believe that being healthy and happy is a mix of all the things that make up our lives. How can I be healthy if I don’t eat well or exercise and how can I be happy if my body doesn’t feel ‘right’ in some way. These are just some of our physical needs. Being healthy and happy also means recognising the importance of our mind and spirit to leading a life that brings us fulfilment regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. These are the things I’ll be exploring with my guests of the coming weeks, months and hopefully, years.


In conversation with Emma K Lea
2020 Dec 27
How does a dyslexic become a writer? Having inspirational teachers at school helps, as does parents who won't allow it to become an excuse. Emma K Lea talks about her journey from ghostwriter to self-publisher, her work as a tutor……
In conversation with Sahar Abdulaziz
2020 Nov 25
When suspense writer, Sahar Abdulaziz isn’t busy plotting a stabbing, a garroting, or a murder (all on paper of course) she’s busy writing about her crew of highly-entertaining, quirky, unpredictable book characters. Some have been lovely, big-hearted, gentle souls, merely……
In conversation with Wafa Tarnowska
2020 Oct 26
Wafa' Tarnowska was born in Lebanon and has lived and worked in Australia, India, Cyprus, Poland, the UK and Dubai. She is currently based in the UK dreaming of a hideaway in the land of Dante. In her work, Wafa'……
In conversation with Lex McKee
2020 Sep 28
Lex McKee and I first met at various networking meetings taking place across Dorset back in early part of the 21st century and even though I dropped out of business networking for several years his posts on LinkedIn have always……
In conversation with Dave Sivers
2020 Sep 21
In this week's conversation, Dave Sivers and I are chatting about all things character, backstories and senses. Dave first joined me on the Thursday Throng back 2013 with his first book in the Archer and Baines series The Scars Beneath……
In conversation with Claire Montanaro
2020 Sep 14
This week I'm in conversation with renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant and channel Claire Montanaro. Claire and I first met when I was her social media strategy coach. She later joined me on the Thursday Throng in 2014 with her book……
In conversation with Warren Stribling
2020 Sep 07
This week I'm with Warren Stribling, airman, legionnaire, teacher and writer (oh and author) which is a very eclectic portfolio for any adult life. He now lives in Mexico with his wife, but has been known to teach English as……
In conversation with Elizabeth Milovidov
2020 Aug 24
In this week's conversation I'm chatting with Elizabeth Milovidov, a member of the Working Group of experts on Digital Citizenship Education and an independent expert on Digital Parenting and Children and Internet for the Children’s Rights Division of Council of Europe.  She is also the author of many……
In conversation with Caroline Brewer
2020 Aug 17
This week, I'm in conversation with my close friend and first-time author Caroline Brewer. We first met back in 2009 when we both attended business network and later Toastmasters International meeting. Caroline's book is called More Than You Think and……
In conversation with Ken Banks
2020 Aug 10
This week, I'm in conversation with award winning social entrepreneur who founded, an NGO focused on applying mobile technology for social and environmental change in the developing world, especially in Africa. Ken is currently Head of Social Purpose at……
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