• Cody Buchanan
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With so much art being produced in this world, it begs the question: What am I missing out on? Nonethelesser, hosted by Cody Buchanan, seeks to share the music, art, books, and everything beyond that the world needs to know about. Interviewing all the creators behind the projects that enthrall him the most, Cody helps to not only share those who might be lesser-known, but he also asks questions that provide insight on the human that stands behind the work. It's all about connecting listeners to new art, while helping to build up the audience of the creators that are featured.


012 - Salami Rose Joe Louis
2021 Jan 121h 11m 50s
Music to Make Bagels to.
011 - Honus Honus
2020 Dec 281h 30m 4s
Who knew the xylophone could go so hard?
010 - Jerkcurb
2020 Dec 151h 41m 17s
Under my duvet, peanut butter and jelly.
009 - Cosmo D
2020 Dec 021h 22m 9s
Beyond uncanny valley, within Off-Peak City.
Street Art as a Culture and its History - Bonus
2020 Nov 238m 48s
The Art of the Guerillas
008 - Justin Pape
2020 Nov 161h 45m 17s
You're Killing Me!
007 - John Moods
2020 Nov 022h 28m 51s
You ever question life as it sits before you? What about time on a cosmic scale? Even if you haven't, this episode is a great example of two humans (admitedly strangers to each other) just talking the time away about many of life's ponderings. Yes, my guest is a musician, but it's pretty clear from the beginning that there's so much more to the arists you know than the art they share.Let's talk with John Moods, Berlin resident with musical talent, a poetic approach to writing, and a lot of philosophy to cover. We cover many topics, from his travels through nature in Europe that ultimately led to his album The Essential John Moods, to Elon Musk's Neuralink implanting a chip in a pig's brain. It's one of my favorite discussion yet, as we go well beyond the art and get into so much more.Follow John Moods on Instagram, Spotify, and Bandcamp.Follow Nonethelesser wherever you please!Music used in this episode with John Moods' permission.Intro - John Moods - "I Wanted You"
An Election Day Eve Special
2020 Nov 022m 34s
Hey everybody, just wanted to reach out on this election day eve to remind you all of something that I feel is important. Follow Nonethelesser on Instagram, leave a review on iTunes.
006 - A Halloween Spooky Reading - pt 2
2020 Oct 3055m 32s
You made it back for part 2! Or you skipped part 1 and should go listen to that first. Either way, I'm coming back at you with some more spooky stories to read fit for this Halloween special. Including one story that nearly has me throwing up on the microphone.I recommend you listen to this episode at night to feel how I felt while reading these stories. Reading these stories alone led me to cling to my dog, Fable, because I needed to have something to offer up any demons that all the dark energy may have attracted. Fortunately, it didn't come to that... Yet.Follow Nonethelesser wherever you wish!The outro for this episode was produced by Cro_ft.Links to stories:No Arms Or LegsI think I saw a siren in Biscayne BayChristmas Day baby teethHeavy BreathingThe most unsettling thing to ever happen to me.Strange Song From The Forest. Follow Creatrix_B on Instagram.Singing in the ForestSomething attacked us when I was a kid
005 - A Halloween Spooky Story Reading - pt 1
2020 Oct 301h 17m 34s
What bumps in the night for you?