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A podcast about struggle, motivation, overcoming obstacles, how to get through tough times. Three lighthearted rad dudes are the hosts who bring a comedic undertone to serious conversations. Any questions, comments or feedback please email or find us on instagram @lastweekout.


Episode 027 Whitney
2019 Nov 111h 4m 9s
Back from our October sabbatical, we return with some fire! Whitney joins us and takes a deep dive into her life growing up in Scottsdale and the mental and physical abuse she endured as a teenager. The 2nd half we get into how she has grown as a result!
Episode 026 Brennen Russell
2019 Oct 091h 4m 2s
Brennen joins us and shares about his childhood, falling into rough times in his teenage years and reacclimating to life outside of prison after spending a significant time locked up. Also this is the first podcast he's ever listened to!
Episode 025 Roger Guerrero
2019 Sep 231h 3m 39s
Roger joins us this week and it's a blast! He speaks in depth about his life growing up and how he's gotten to the position he's in today. Anthony is on paternity leave as well so for the next few episodes Danny is filling in and does a great job!
Episode 024 Cam Honchar
2019 Sep 181h 2m 40s
Cam joins us this week and talks about growing up with no direction and the struggles he went through. He tells us about how he's overcome so many obstacles and used his experience to put himself on a more positive path today!
Episode 023 Diana Price
2019 Sep 091h 3m 23s
Diana joins us this week and opens up about a myriad of different topics. From the creation and growth of her art brand Painted Citizen to learning how to live life in a more fulfilling and positive way, she touches on a number of areas.
Episode 022 Lee Phemister
2019 Sep 021h 6m 9s
Lee comes on for the first fully staffed podcast in the new studio! Lee tells us about his tumultuous childhood growing up and all the adventures that came along with it. In the 2nd half we get into some heavy self reflection and avenues for improvment.
Episode 021 Tanner Barbosa
2019 Aug 261h 3m 42s
Chad is gone this week, sombre episode. This week's guest is Tanner Barbosa, we discuss lowering moral standards for financial security, being a father and necessary growth. Hope you enjoy the episode!
Episode 020 Chris Leach
2019 Aug 191h 3m 2s
Chris joins us this week to talk about growing up in a small Northern Arizona city and figuring out how to get out of the prison life mentality. He tells us about his journey into fatherhood as well as balancing life, work, family and a growing musical career.
Episode 018 Tyler J.
2019 Aug 051h 10m 5s
Tyler is a hyper-motivated entrepreneur who gives us a small preview of what it's like to be in his shoes. If you're not motivated to better your life after this episode you need to check your pulse. Also Chad makes an attempt at not swearing.
Episode 017 Estil Wallace
2019 Jul 291h 7m 34s
Estil come on this week with an unrivaled level of honesty and unapologetically shares how he views some of the traumatic events that have transpired in his life.