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This podcast is geared towards highlighting the HSE profession as a viable and necessary career path in today's world. We'll be covering everything from how to get started in HSE to examining case studies and world events through the experienced lens of our host Leslie Pichery and William Selviz along with their various guest!


Episode 1
2020 Oct 301h 22m 3s
On this episode we covered What were the main challenges you faced when starting a career in HSE? - [10:49] As a junior HSE professional, what are some techniques to adopt in the workplace to maximize your learning potential? [25:27] How should the junior HSE professionals approach their development in the HSE field given the various core competencies? [39:30] Do you think it's important to get your Master's Degree done as soon as possible after finishing your undergraduate degree? - [1:08:09]
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