The Cool Podcast with the coolbrother
  • Malik Long
20 episodes
The Cool Podcast is a show spotlighting music, love, current events, and much more. All bought to you from the point of view of The Cool Brother Malik himself. Facebook: Malik Long Instagram: coolmalik82 Twitter: smoothmalik82


Interview with Pres Da Poet part 2
2021 Jan 2358m 4s
We'll be discussing her relocation to Pittsburgh from New York. Also will be discussing colorism and the Willie Lynch Syndrome and how to restore trust and love between black women and men.
Interview with Pres DaPoet, part 1.
2021 Jan 1812m 26s
We'll discuss her influence in the spoken word game. And also what made her get into the spoken word game.
Interview With Charelle Unique.
2021 Jan 0739m 39s
I'll be discussing with her about her musical influences and what made her move to Pittsburgh. Also, discussing her musical background and growing up in a musical family.
Interview with Jessii Marie
2021 Jan 0530m 18s
We'll be discussing how she got involve with painting, spoken word, singing, etc. Also how she hooked up with Blossom Nicole and Candace Michelle.
Interview with Anni Mai and Errol Wizdom Williams
2021 Jan 0342m 20s
I'll be discussing how they met and their influences regarding making music and discussing the history of the Wizdom Worldbeat Reggae Band.
Artist Spotlight: Jade
2020 Dec 2512m 32s
Discussing the brief career of the group and the current activities the ladies are doing in their lives.
Interview with Aisha Berry.
2020 Dec 2047m 37s
We'll be discussing her company, CyberSec Health Consulting LLC and how she got into cybersecurity and covid 19.
Interview with Nivlac Lemaj. My Brother, My Sister part 1.
2020 Dec 141h 1m 7s
Myself and the good brother, Nivlac will be discussing black men and women relationships. This is a 3 part podcast episode.
Interview with Antoine Royale.
2020 Dec 0930m 57s
We'll be discussing what made him relocate to Pittsburgh, romance, his views on women, what drives and motivates him to succeed in life. Also catch his podcast available on Spotify and Anchor and other digital platforms.
Artist Spotlight: Tammi Terrell
2020 Dec 0314m 56s
I'll be discussing the brief life and career of Tammi Terrell and her partnership with Marvin Gaye and her tumultuous relationship with James Brown and David Ruffin.