my mind’s playground
  • Makhela
14 episodes
my mind’s playground podcast is both an outlet and an invitation. Makhela Inez discusses real life experiences, self-parenting and reflecting on all of the things “they” didn’t tell us.


ep 2.2 once upon a time
2021 Jan 256m 45s
In this episode, I call out my ego and myself, for trying to find a shortcut to growth.
ep 2.1 throw it in the trash
2021 Jan 188m
The first episode back, and in this one, I say a lot of things that I need to hear out loud. Trash days on Tuesday and Friday...
season 2 trailer
2021 Jan 111m 7s
It feels so so good to be back. Please make sure you have subscribed because season two starts next Monday, Jan 18!
ep. 10 Jen pt 2 | Season Finale
2020 Jun 016m 52s
In this episode, I talk about what they don't tell you about losing your best friend.
ep. 09 temporary
2020 May 255m 57s
In this episode, I highlight temporary friendships, and move into a space where I can let life change, the way it's supposed to.
ep. 08 i know you
2020 May 186m 34s
In this episode, I expose the things they didn't tell you about getting to know yourself.
ep. 07 choose me
2020 May 116m 31s
In this episode, I put a bow on some inner child insecurity and talk about the power organic relationships have had in my life.
ep. 06 Jen pt 1
2020 May 043m 56s
This episode, is a prequel.
ep. 05 intermission
2020 Apr 275m 58s
Thought I'd take a break in the season to introduce myself!
ep. 04 Billy Chapata
2020 Apr 206m 5s
In this episode, I discuss Billy Chapata's latest piece of work and how it resonated with me and influenced my personal growth.