Senseless Chirp
  • Sydney Kile
6 episodes
all things life; perspective; alternative theories; narratives


episode 1- conspiracy theories
2021 Jan 1358m 52s
To kick off season two, Senseless Chirp has on Brandon Truong, Korey Lam, and Abbey Kaminski to discuss various topics including conspiracy theories, reincarnation, and much more.
episode 5- SEASON 1 FINALE
2021 Jan 0747m 34s
this episode is a new years talk, including fears and futures
episode 4- fate vs. free will
2020 Dec 1850m 13s
We start with the concept of fate, and whether it is fate or free will that determines our lives... then we go off the rails.
episode 3- blind appearance
2020 Nov 1650m 26s
In this episode, we focus on appearance, responsibility, and personalism through our conversation and stories.
episode 2- "ThE aMeRiCaN dReAm"
2020 Nov 0948m 51s
We discuss the illusion of the "American Dream", and the freedom creativity grants you.
episode 1- the basics
2020 Nov 0223m 37s
We ramble about why we started the podcast... then we simply chirp about authenticity and vulnerability.
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