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S02E01: Smells like our podcast
2021 Jan 0357m 30s
Hello 2021!
S01E29: The final KNTdown
2020 Dec 271h 6s
On this week’s episode we say goodbye to 2020, we discuss the power of the micro-waveh. The queen Nigella has so many books out she could make cakes about her own books, in a literal sense. In a segment Van calls Happy News we get to know Marion’s initiative to clean up rubbish from Mount Everest, and bangladeshi Mubarak Ahmad Khan’s Sonali bag made out of a plant. Tune in to know more.
S01E28: Cross Stitch Politics
2020 Dec 2057m 31s
On this week’s episode we hear Marco’s adventure at the pharmacy, it has to do with being clean and shiny! Van talks about the portuguese presidential elections coming up this January, the candidates, the opinion polls and the KNT crew discusses how to learn more about the candidates and how to vote. These elections are very important. We get a bit more serious but in an educational sort of way. We share experiences with the police and then we’re softly introduced to A Thing on the Internet by Mafalda. Dead by Daylight is being played by queer players in a “rooting for the survivor” kind of way.
S01E27: The Real Housewives of Lisboa and arredores
2020 Dec 1359m 49s
On this week’s episode we talk about moisture and creams. Borat’s new movie and AOC (we love you). We laugh, we giggle and hope the platform we use doesn’t echo our voices.
S01E26: Nothing says love like Margaret Thatcher
2020 Dec 061h 3m 33s
On this week’s episode we discuss kokedama moss balls and it doesn’t have anything to do with sex, who knew? It's a very quaint bonsai inspired gardening art that would make your Pinterest boards swoon. Etiquette when dealing with your friendly neighborhood cartomancer. Mafalda takes us into the world of grandmas playing video games via twitch.tv/granny.
2020 Nov 291h 6m 32s
After being rescued from outer space by an omnipotent entity, we are back, darlings. We discuss bored people waiting for planes on the duty free area of Lisbon Airport, Vanessa is quite smitten with Gillian Anderson’s rendition of Maggie Thatcher, we discussed if Ms. Anderson tastes like WAP (Wet Ass Praline), how an amazing actress can’t save a movie (Anya Taylor-Joy on New Mutants and The Queen’s Gambit), when it happens to you and you need safe space on the Internet which is, you guessed it, a thing on the internet!!! Did you know how Yankee Candle became a predictor for Covid? Neither did we, but Mafalda lets us know all about it.
S01E23: Effulgent Hobo
2020 Nov 151h 9m 22s
In this episode of KNT Fatale we discuss Nocturnal Animals, a movie by Tom Ford and why Inês stans. We discuss the GSuite redesign, and Vanessa gives us our thoughts on why this is a possible strategy. We then veer into some discussion about the Pink Tax and why it sucks, which is why this week A THING ON THE INTERNET is about how everything needs to be gendered. We end finding out if Mafalda is ever going to go to Japan.
Extra KNT 001: Post-election Extravaganza - Morose Torture
2020 Nov 091h 12m 42s
This week, a special episode to discuss the election. We cover the best moments, a special A THING ON THE INTERNET dedicated to some of the most interesting memes (including why #chartthrobs is now a thing) and we spray our usual KNT goodness with some occasional tangents (X-Men, socialism, speaking English in Portugal). If you are in the US (and in Georgia especially) please check out these resources:
S01E22: Gay Adjacent: The Gay in me is just TOO STRONG!
2020 Nov 081h 6m 31s
In this episode of KNT Fatale we start with a KNTroversial topic: Cilantro and why Mafalda wants to abolish it. Songs that are creepy cringey and creepy. We go on a ride through old mix/cds tapes and we discuss why we don’t seek out new music and how some other forms of media seem like they’re not being made “for us”. Mafalda shares her opinion on Borat’s new movie. We take a ride into McAfee’s recent life and wow it is a ride.
S01E21: Trade that summa cum laude
2020 Nov 011h 7m 37s
In this episode of KNT Fatale we start strong. STRONG! Did you know that Mafalda is a successful propagation station woman, Marco has now become the sprouting pods magician? We delve into Netflix’s short series pattern and how engaging good series do need time to grow.