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70s Singer songwriter guitarist: lyrics of hope & resilience. Artist in residence: mystic designs & calligraphy. All Things Creative: who Iam. Heart-truth writing: tell-all journals. Performance artist ISO: audience to love.


Journal Reading, 1974
2020 Jun 2415m 36s
Passages are read from journals written from age 24. Entries are not of events. But of spiritual awakenings.
"Ernest Schoebel, A Retrospective"
2020 Jun 2414m 24s
I have created several shows and exhibits of my father's advertising art. These include original works from his studies at Chicago's American Academy of Art in the 30s through his career as an illustrator and art director in the 70s. This is a reading of one of the biographic booklets I prepared to accompany a show in 2015.
"Singer Inspires Students With Song -- Children Urged To Take Up Pen"
2020 Jun 2410m 13s
This article was published in 1990 in the Neighbors section of The Connection, a Herndon (Virginia) newspaper. It describes an era when Susan visited a neighborhood school to share her love of writing.
"Seek the High Ground - Now"
2020 Jun 244m 23s
June, 2020. Making Right decisions Right Now. Our country's future.
"I Move Furniture"
2020 Jun 245m 29s
A humorous self confession poem describes an interesting quirk.
"I Am a Writer"
2020 Jun 2445s
This section contains current writings. It is 2020.
"Personal Narratives (Journals) and The Evolution of Consciousness"
2020 Jun 248m 53s
Pre-doctoral Research Study highlights. Lifelong journals by the author are reviewed to determine implications for adult education and self-awareness.
"Religion and Spirituality -- Arm-Chairing It"
2020 Jun 248m 38s
In 2004, Genevieve is published in The Edge, an alternative paper available in the Milwaukee area. During these years she was living at the Center of Light.
Newspaper Story, 2002
2020 Jun 2232m 8s
Genevieve shares her story with a reporter.
The Birth Story: "It's a Miracle, Really"
2020 Jun 224m 43s
Chicago. January, 1950. The first abandonment of the decade, a "foundling child" was 12-hours old. On third day, baptized "Genevieve" at Holy Name Cathedral.
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