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Sex Trafficking & Prostitution: Hidden in Plain Sight
2021 Jan 1856m 29s
I have the pleasure of sitting down with Sister Andrea Hancock. She is an avid activist in the community who helps get young women out of the life of sex trafficking and prostitution. We talk about everything from how to recognize if someone is being sexually exploited to the stigmas of prostitution!!
Why DO BLACK Businesses FAIL?!? pt.2 Mixing Family &Business
2020 Dec 1625m 57s
Tune in to the 2nd part of this great conversation as we discuss the nuance of family business and the economic exploitation of the current corporate structure!!!!
Why DO BLACK Businesses FAIL?!? pt.1
2020 Dec 1636m 6s
My family and I discuss the areas in which we think most black businesses fail to meet expectations. We love to BUY BLACK but sometimes as minority business owners we can become our own worst enemy!!
A Millennial Conversation on Abortion
2020 Nov 1530m 1s
(WARNING EXPLICIT SOME CONTENT PG-15)I sat down with some of my younger family members just to get their thoughts on abortion and how much say a man should have in the decision. This conversation was epic. Very real and very relatable. NO judgement just people giving their perspective based on their experiences. Hope You guys enjoy!!
Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities!
2020 Nov 089m 15s
This episode talks about how important it is develop a positive mindset in the midst of adversity. Learning to turn every obstacle you face into a potential opportunity may prove to be the biggest asset in reaching your goals!
Check Your Vibez At the Door!!
2020 Sep 1512m 44s
Control your vibe, Control your LIFE!!! With everything going on around us in the world today its easy to get thrown out of balance, but if you know how to center and channel a high vibration everything in life will find its way STRAIGHT TO YOU!!
You're Worth More than MONEY!
2020 Aug 2913m 54s
Although society places so much emphasis on material things and economic status, the only way you will truly be happy and experience joy is to find fulfillment within YOURSELF!!!
An Apology 2 Women~
2020 Aug 2712m 8s
Sexism and misogyny has gone on for far too long, MEN NEED TO DO BETTER!!!!
F*ck "All Lives Matter"
2020 Aug 2512m 19s
This episode discusses the real reason why saying  "All Lives Matter" is an inappropriate response~
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