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The Rancher is a Western Heritage Podcast with stories, history, and interviews about the Western way of life


Legendary Horses: Dash for Cash
2020 Dec 149m 50s
Today I talk about one of the greatest Quarter Horses to grace the track and an incredible sire who still impacts our industry today.
The History of the NFR
2020 Dec 0314m 23s
The 2020 NFR starts this week in Arlington, Texas, the 5th location it has been held since it began in the late 1950s. Check out this podcast to learn more about that history. Link to YouTube video mentioned: https://youtu.be/D_Tx8E1WDsY
History of the American Quarter Horse Breed
2020 Dec 0221m 43s
Join me for the inaugural episode as I discuss the history and founding of the American Quarter Horse breed from its origins to the founding of AQHA.
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