Sophia Talks
  • Sophia Ju
4 episodes
Sophia talks about anything and everything! Join her in the journey of her ridiculous life.


Mom & daughter late night edition
2020 Dec 031h 12m 23s
Listen to a riveting conversation during and after dinner with Sophia and her mother Selene! The adventures of Soph and Sel continue!
First day out of Quarantine!
2020 Dec 0312m 2s
Follow up with Soph on today’s fun experiences, rants, and random ass thought!
What was high school like?
2020 Dec 0220m 14s
For me? Shitty? Let’s recap
Is love blind?
2020 Dec 0210m 3s
First random talk of the show! Give me ideas on what to talk about and if you’re interested listen to my thoughtless and thoughtful conversations