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Fertility treatment can be a numbers game, like a cruel game of Roulette, which can, if you’re lucky, let you hit the ultimate jackpot. This is not meant to be a podcast about the miracle that is Rosie, it’s about the road Chris travelled with his partner Patricia and recognises that for many, dreams just don’t come true, but for some, they really do. It’s a very personal story, with some difficult and uncomfortable truths, expert comments, different male perspectives and facts that hopefully help anyone going through the highs and lows that Chris went through. Throughout the podcast we’ll go behind the curtain at the clinic and meet the consultants, embryologists and those who helped us through the whole process.


5) Needles and bruises. Our first fertility treatment
2021 Jan 1219m 13s
So we commence with the IVF/ICSI  treatment cycle number 1 and I’m trying to work out what my role is, as well as grappling with handing over £400+ for a round of fertility drugs. I also outline the five mistakes that you can make when injecting your partner with a syringe.We meet Liz Owen  the  Lister hospital sonographer (Ultrasound scanning) and ask what the hell you are meant to be looking out for on those first IVF scans. Finally we look at why we ended up at A&E rather than the  Fertility clinic before we even got started.Pharmacy tips and tricks to reduce the costActing in solidarity with your partner and feeling uselessTips on administering injections for fertility treatmentWhat is ovarium hyperstimulation?
4) Fertility Bingo and Roulette with our life savings.
2021 Jan 0516m 50s
Relationship advice on how to  manage that “Cost of IVF treatment” conversation.  Balancing the probabilities and uncertainty of fertility treatment with the cost. A look at what are the different types of fertility treatments. Some practical money saving tips from our expert  Dr Alison Taylor.  How to manage the cost of fertility treatmentThe Glastonbury headliners of IVFWhat exactly is ICSI IVF?Money saving Tips from our expert  Dr Alison TaylorThe gamble of focusing on a  baby and how much to spend.
3) "Test Test Tests" THE MOT and sample jar
2020 Dec 1522m 29s
Handling awkward questions in that fertility consultation. A look at when the infertility spotlight turns on the man and how that feels. That moment when you mentally go through your sexual and relationship history and realise it needs to be public. Preparing yourself for that wonderful first sperm test.  The lowdown on what tests to expect, what the results are  and how to handle them. A great discussion about male infertility and the workarounds.Facts about male infertility (Fact or Fiction) How to understand your sperm test result. An introduction to Dr James Nicopoullos, Clinical Director and specialist in Male Infertility
2) Great Expectations and first consultations.
2020 Dec 1517m 30s
What to expect in that first fertility consultation and how to make your choice of hospital for IVF Treatment.  Working through the pricing, your  budget and choices, it's not easy!  Most importantly  how you and your partner are going to get through this together.   Oh and why no one was interested in my super-fertile 75 year old grandfather when the Doctor took my medical history. Your role as a partner in the consultation.Some practical  tips on how to get the best out of the IVF consultationFirst introduction to Dr Alison Taylor who saw us successfully through our fertility treatment over the next four years
1) IVFDAD Introduction -How my life got turned upside down at a Fertility Show.
2020 Dec 1514m 13s
Where do you start on the fertility Journey? And who do you go with? Well we started at The Fertility Show in London.  This episode looks at how that microcosm of weird and wacky practices, hospitals touting for your business and awkward couples summed up the next five years. A rundown of what to expect from a male perspective and how it all starts with a discussion around your desire to have children and setting a  timetable. Facts and  Figures on the chance of success of IVF and getting pregnantWorking out who is top of  league of Fertility hospitals via the HFEA.Some practical tips for the start of the  Fertility journey from a male perspective.
Trailer IVF Dad
2020 Nov 022m
Just an ordinary guy who is one of the thousands that go through infertility worries and IVF every year. I hope my experience can help you.
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