• Kunumi
9 episodes
A podcast about reframing the present for a reimagined future by Kunumi.ai


#9 Community Building with Gabriela de Queiroz.
2021 Jan 1224m 17s
Communities are fundamental to promote empowerment in tech, especially for underrepresented groups. What moves someone to create a movement like R-ladies, present today in over 200 cities worldwide?
#8 Asking questions about Artificial Intelligence with Buse Çetin
2020 Dec 2326m 31s
As a young researcher, Buse Çetin connects her personal life experiences with questions about society and A. I development. She speaks from a place that many students may be right now.
#7 Liz W Faber, PhD - The Computer’s Voice, from Star Trek to Siri.
2020 Dec 0731m 32s
Why today's conversational assistant's voices and genders are mostly female? What can we learn from old science fiction movies and books on the subject? By kunumi.ai
#6 Artificial Intelligence and Human Ethics with Maria Axente.
2020 Nov 2339m 27s
We know we can develop this or that software, but should we? A very simple question, guided by ethics, with huge implications. Maria Axente works for PwC and focuses her work on asking this and many other important questions ////// By Kunumi.ai
#5 Not Looking Away with Mick Ebeling from Not Impossible Labs.
2020 Nov 0919m 39s
How technology, creativity, and stories can affect the lives of many ///// By Kunumi.ai
#4 Woman's Participation in Electoral Systems with Larissa Peixoto Ph.D.
2020 Oct 2632m 51s
Electoral Systems are like fingerprints, every nation has its own. How do they compare in relation to woman's rights and participation?
#3 Planet Centric Design with Futurist and Designer Cennydd Bowles.
2020 Oct 1227m 36s
The perils of developing a user-centric design with Futurist and Designer Cennydd Bowles.
#2 Frequencies and Vibrations with Intermedia Artist Daniel Belquer.
2020 Sep 2831m 45s
Frequency, vibration, and its uses in wellbeing and as a medium for communication.
#1 Digital Echo Chambers for Political Engagement with Laura Jakli Ph.D.
2020 Sep 1440m 35s
Far-right political engagement on the internet and how algorithms play a role.
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