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The BCG Platinion on Digital Podcast brings you expert discussions on how winning organisations are harnessing new technologies and digital ways of working. Every episode features a topic at the core of BCG Platinion; adoption of emerging technologies, digital design, IT engineering and architecture, Agile and cybersecurity. Subscribe now for the latest perspectives from knowledge leaders in technology and digital transformation.


Julian Herman on Corporate VC and Startups
2021 Jan 2125m 57s
Julian Herman, BCG Managing Director in our Santiago office, joins Tim Lum to discuss the world of start-ups and how they can empower innovation in a corporate setting.
Jose Luis Martin on Data Centre Migration
2021 Jan 1423m 28s
Do you know what components and technology sit behind all the data you use? In this episode, we chat with Jose Luis, BCG Platinion Managing Director in our Madrid office, to explore the topic of Data Centres and the value that they provide.
Louis Debatte-Monroy & Gregory De Jans on TomTom and APIs
2021 Jan 0739m 3s
In a special guest episode, we are joined by TomTom’s Head of Developer Portal, Gregory De Jans, and Head of Product Marketing, Louis Debatte-Monroy. We chat about how API’s can create new business models for enterprises and what you might need to consider when marketing to a new community of users and consumers.
Jilco Schuurmans on Data in Energy
2020 Dec 1823m 15s
In this episode, host Tim Lum meets with Jilco Schuurmans, BCG Platinion Managing Director based out of Amsterdam. Jilco discusses how data has evolved and has taken off over the last few years. We also hear what steps companies can take to simplify access, leverage and use their data.
Assaf Tayar on the Insurance Industry
2020 Dec 0928m 8s
Assaf Tayar, BCG Platinion Managing Director, discusses what traditional insurance businesses are doing to digitally transform themselves and what the insurance tech firms are doing to disrupt the industry. We also explore the idea of the bionic company and how it is the next frontier of digital transformation.
BCG Platinion on Digital Trailer
2020 Aug 281m 31s
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