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Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd, the renewable energy company, deliver power to the people by connecting the people with technology that offers an empowered and inspiring living.


Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd | Solar Panels Types
2021 Jan 274m 24s
According to the experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd, one important thing to consider during the installation of Solar panels, is the type of solar panels. They play a key role in determining the cost, aesthetics, installation and maintenance cost and the specific needs.
Best solar chargers 2021
2021 Jan 202m 12s
Many of us are using our cars less these days but are relying on the battery to power sevices which keep running even when the car is switched off, such as alarms, trackers and dash cams with parking modes. Even a clock could drain enough power over time to mean you hear the dreaded click when you try to start the engine.
Renewable Energy Market 2021 Bangalore
2021 Jan 144m 35s
According to the experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, the COVID-19 pandemics taken a hard toll on our lives, transformed the economy, reshaped industries, the renewable energy market is not left out. The IEA forecasted that global energy will flip upside down by 13% as compared to 2019 as a result of the lockdown measures, disruptions in the supply chain, and the global recession. “However, we can still say 2020 was a good year for renewable energy as opposed to the expectations,” experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd Bangalore says. The global renewable energy market recording a higher demand for renewable energy, especially in the US and China. In fact, a whopping 90 percent of electricity generated in 2020 was renewable energy. 2020 wasn’t a negative one for the environment after all but rather a banner year in terms of growth. Where does the industry stand in 2021 and what are the trends to look out for?
Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd Bangalore|2021 Renewable Energy
2021 Jan 111m 52s
According to the experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, the new year begins with surging growth for renewable energy. Growth will likely continue into 2021, fueled in part by last year’s major turning points.
Solar Power Technology
2021 Jan 072m
According to the experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, Solar Power is the technology used to harness the sun's energy and make it useable. As of 2011, the technology produced less than one tenth of one percent of global energy demand.
Megatrend In Solar Energy
2021 Jan 062m 34s
The solar sector has enjoyed a jaw-dropping run-up in the current year. The sector’s sole pure-play solar fund, Invesco Solar Portfolio ETF (TAN), is up 234% over the past 52 weeks, with a good chunk of those returns having come after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the U.S. presidential elections a month-and-half ago.
Reasons to Install Solar Panels
2020 Oct 274m 6s
Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd, a renowned organization harnessing Solar and Wind Power to offer innovative micro power plants and effective products explains why you should consider solar panels as the number one choice of electricity.
Borg Energy Chennai | Renewable Energy Types
2020 Oct 222m 45s
According to the experts of Borg Energy Chennai, renewable energy usually tops the list of changes the world can implement to stave off the worst effects of rising temperatures. That's because renewable energy sources such as solar and wind don't emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.
Facts About Solar Panels
2020 Oct 202m 7s
As people have been spending more time at home and watching their utility bills increase, solar energy is becoming a topic of interest. In fact, even with more constrained purchasing practices in many households in the current environment, a recent Harris Poll research study revealed a 13 percent increase in consumer interest in solar energy since mid-March.
Future of Anti-Solar Panels
2020 Oct 012m 2s
According to the experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd, fossil fuel is still the most widely used source of energy. It is unrenewable and its usage has cause pollution and the release of harmful substances in our environment. For decades, scientists have worked hard to switch to renewable energy which can make our way of life more environmentally friendly but there are always drawbacks. While some are extremely difficult, others are inefficient.