Loving Your Life...Be Authentically You!
  • Amie Yaniak
6 episodes
Have you ever stopped being yourself due to others thoughts, opinions, join me as I share ways to change your mindset to become authentically you, and let your souls passion, manifestations, trust, and desire inspire you beyond what you could have imagined. Step into your own value and worth and love your life and in turn love others. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lovingyourlife/support


My Ring
2021 Jan 0856m 27s
Signs and synchronicities...My Ring? Self-Love....
Have you found your Key?
2020 Oct 1322m 59s
How to find your key in life? “Broken Wings, sung by “Grace Yaniak” age 10
What flavor Koolaid? Price is right Experience.
2020 Sep 1854m 14s
What flavor Koolaid are you? Aligning your path to your soul’s purpose what signs are you missing? My Price is Right Experience. “Broken Wings, sung by “Grace Yaniak” age 10
What is a Blessing in Disguise?
2020 Aug 1625m 45s
How can you change your subconscious mind to see your authentic beautiful self? What is a Blessing in Disguise? “Broken Wings, sung by “Grace Yaniak” age 10
Be your Authentic Beautiful Self!
2020 Aug 1658m 49s
This was from a FB Live and I made it my first podcast!! Who are you? A huge question so many of us have. Can I be me? What will people say? Can I be different? “Broken Wings, sung by “Grace Yaniak” age 10
Loving your life...be Authentically You
2020 Jul 3157s
What does this mean?
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