Another Level of Consciousness
  • Maverick McLaurin
6 episodes
The show is intended to open eyes and express viewpoints one may deem as outlandish or controversial. Above all things the show commends personal opinion forming but above that this platform honors wisdom and facts.


Another Level of Consciousness Episode 5: A Game of Queens
2020 Nov 201h 20m 28s
We cover other things, but above all else Victoria plays my tier list game.
Another Level of Consciousness Episode 4: BLM, George Soros, and the NWO
2020 Oct 301h 9m 11s
We dive deep into the roots and beliefs of BLM and Antifa and uncover who really runs them.
Another Level of Consciousness Episode 3: Feminism and Nice Guy Conditioning
2020 Oct 232h
We understand the concepts of Feminism and dive a little into MGTOW and how someone being heartbroken of Nice Guy Conditioning could lead to that mindset.
Another Level of Consciousness Episode 2: The Dating World of Today versus What It Should Be
2020 Oct 072h 10m 49s
Me and Vicky discuss what the dating world of today looks like for the youth.
Another Level of Consciousness Episode 1
2020 Sep 291h 10m 4s
In this episode we talk about WAP,Cuties, Pedophilia, and how it affects personal relationships and interactions
Intro to Another Level of Consciousness
2020 Sep 242m 29s
Disclaimer: I am what you call "white-pilled" by definition you are on the highest plane of awareness possible. You take the red pill but don't view it cynically or pessimistically. You are understanding of all three parts of the red pill: Societal/Territorial, Personal, and Spiritual. You take control and apply everything you've learned to your life but in a more positive, optimistic view for the future.
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