• Parker Johnson and Henry Ettinger
5 episodes
Just a couple of Northwestern students with a weekly 30 minute sports podcast, straight from our humble abode of Elder Hall room 118.


Episode 2.63: ... And May the Sports Be With You
2018 Jun 0952m 30s
Henry and Parker record the last ever episode of the Elder 118 Sports Show. Topics include: the combo of old favorites like the West Coast Attack/Pick Six/Closing Thoughts, a World Cup group-by-group preview, the NBA Finals, and plenty of gratitude and reminiscing abou their time on the show.
Episode 2.62: That's a Normal Collar
2018 Jun 0438m 43s
The hosts are back in the studio after a tiring Dillo Day weekend. Topics include: a recap of the Pick Six -- which includes a wild result in the Zambia-Namibia match -- some defeated talk about NBA Finals game 2, and finally our thoughts on Brian Colangelo's burner Twitter accounts and how that may affect where LeBron lands this summer.
Episode 2.61: Henry is Distraught
2018 Jun 0239m 4s
Parker does his best to console Henry after a tough game 1 loss for the Cavs. Topics include: all the talking points from the Finals game 1 -- the block/charge call, JR's mishap, how the Cavs can or can't recover, and the dust up at the end of the game -- before finishing up with the penultimate Pick Six of the year.
Episode 2.60: Cavs Warriors Part 4
2018 May 3043m 50s
The hosts fit in episode 60 before class after taking the day off for Memorial Day. Topics include: how the hosts spent their long weekends (1:33), a recap of the Pick 12 from the weekend (5:10), the WCF game 7 (16:07), the ECF game 7 (25:10), and a preview of an all-too-familiar Finals matchup (33:00).
Thanksgiving Food Draft
2017 Nov 234m 31s
Throwback clip of Henry and Parker drafting Thanksgiving plates - Happy Turkey Day everybody!
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