• Blessing Amish
3 episodes
As the name implies rayuwa (life)in Hausa.this podcast will be centered on looking at a lot of tragic,interesting,emotional,depressing and happy ending stories. My primary goals is to see how people can relate to this stories,know what is happening, creat awareness and also motivate people to come out and shear there stories.


The heart of man🖤
2020 Nov 1711m 17s
A story that describes how evil humans can be.
Envy,greed,jealousy,won’t pay. The Era we live in.
2020 Nov 0424m 7s
A lady,poisoned by her own frnd cos she got promoted at her place of work.
The Era we live in.
2020 Nov 0215m 22s
This is a story of a father who raped his daughter.
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