Where's My Thing?
  • Matt Estlea & Rob Harvey
7 episodes
Hosted by YouTuber Matt Estlea and Video Producer Rob Harvey 'Where's My Thing' dives into the world of producing and developing a creative business from scratch. With weekly episodes covering Matt and Rob's experience in the industry, interviews with special guests and lessons that you can start implementing right now, you won't want to miss a single podcast. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the 'Where's My Thing' podcast and start building your business today.


Ep.6 - How to be a Better Presenter
2021 Jan 1855m 33s
We discuss how to stay out of your own head when presenting, how to keep an audience engaged and how you should never fear going too over the top.
Ep.5 - How a Story can Make or Break your Business
2021 Jan 1347m 24s
We discuss story telling for your business and how you don't want to be the villain or the hero.
Ep.4 Investing in Yourself (Read these Books!)
2021 Jan 041h 2m 45s
We discuss the books we read that taught us the most and inspired us to do what we do.
Ep.3 Pricing. It's Difficult.
2020 Dec 2839m 28s
We discuss how we've priced ourselves in the past to hopefully improve our pricing for the future.
Ep.2 How to get Started on YouTube (and WHY!)
2020 Dec 211h 46s
We discuss our history on YouTube, why you should start a YouTube channel and how to start a YouTube channel.
Ep.1 Social Platforms and Income Streams
2020 Dec 1835m 16s
We discuss where Matt's money comes from and how most of it just works in the background!
The Pilot (What to Expect)
2020 Dec 0819m 41s
We discuss why the podcast exists, why the name was chosen and what you can expect to get from our conversations in future episodes.