What do you think about X?
  • Adam Sroka
8 episodes
Each episode will be a themed discussion with X being anything from automation to zealots. With backgrounds in political philosophy and artificial intelligence, Simon Stevens and Adam Sroka will try and make some sense of things and pose some deeper questions along the way.


Technology in the future of higher education
2021 Jan 131h 15m 45s
In this episode, we're fortunate enough to be joined Nick Turner, Reader in Bioanalytical Chemistry at De Montfort University,  and Nic Fair Knowledge Engineer Researcher at Southampton University -  both expert educators with experience in developing and delivering online learning in higher education.  Alongside Simon's experience as a lecturer having recently transitioned his course to a blended delivery model, this episode talks through some of the advantages and disadvantages of these new technologies.
Deepfakes and authenticity
2021 Jan 0550m 8s
In this episode, Simon and Adam talk about Deepfakes - the technology behind Channel 4's alternative Christmas message. A brief run through of their history, some current applications, and some predictions of where they may be applied in the future.  How is technology being used to manipulate voters and consumers? This poses a lot of questions around authenticity and how we may be wired to project a false self when it suits us.
Healthcare and Heroes
2020 Dec 1745m 39s
This week Simon and Adam are joined by two very special guests:
Meritocracy, again
2020 Dec 0654m 19s
Simon and Adam revisit the meritocracy discussion, this time focusing on some of the challenges to a satisfying alternative.
Meritocracy, class, and conspiracy
2020 Nov 301h 4m 8s
Inspired by the work of Michael Sandel and a question sent in from a listener, Simon and Adam discuss the dangers of meritocracy, how it relates to class and the demographics of conspiracy theorists.
Universal basic income
2020 Nov 0654m 59s
What is universal basic income, how could it be used, and what might it mean in an ever more automated world?
Data ownership
2020 Nov 0652m 43s
In this episode, we wanted to discuss who owns your data and how it's used.
2020 Nov 0642m 44s
Simon Stevens and Adam Sroka talk technology, ethics, AI, and politics.
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