You Don't Know History
  • Michael McGuinness
6 episodes
This is a history podcast that will discuss various items of history that many people might not know much about. From the most recent war in Artsakh to the Potato Famine to anything under the sun, hopefully the listener can learn something...and have a few laughs!


Episode 6: "...what little we do get, we can't get till our children are dying of hunger..." The U.S.-Dakota War
2021 Jan 121h 52m 36s
Today, I'm joined by John Legg (@thejohnlegg), a PhD student at George Mason University, to talk about the U.S.-Dakota War in 1862. We'll talk about this short conflict, but more importantly the larger legacy of the war on the Dakota people. We also get into why reconciliation will be almost impossible for the Dakota and Minnesotans, and the problematic relationships between Indigenous groups in the U.S. and the Federal government.
Episode 5: "March or Die!" The French Foreign Legion
2021 Jan 052h 40m 35s
For episode 5, I'm joined by my good friend Dermot Cosgrove (@DermotNCosgrove), a former Legionnaire, to talk about the French Foreign Legion. We'll talk about the formation of the Legion, Cameron, and how the French government STILL doesn't want Legion Paras anywhere near France. We'll take a bird's eye view on the storied history of the Legion, with some stories thrown in there for flavoring.
Episode 4: The Vietnam War
2020 Dec 291h 50m 23s
In this episode, I'm joined by my favorite Twitterstorian Dr. Rob Thompson (@DrRobThompson on Twitter) as we take a look at the Vietnam War.
Episode 3: The Black Panther Party for Self Defense
2020 Dec 202h 17m 50s
For this third episode, I'm joined by Dr. David Walton, Director of Global Black Studies and assistant professor of history at Western Carolina University. In this episode, we talk about the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. We discuss the revolutionaries behind the movement, as well as what various levels of government did to undermine the party and the movement overall.
Episode 2: The Cultural Revolution
2020 Dec 091h 23m 29s
On this episode, I'm joined by Dr. James Hudson, assistant professor of history at the University of North Carolina-Pembroke and Chinese scholar. We're going to talk about the Cultural Revolution, the people involved, the human costs, and the effects it has had on China into the present day.
Episode 1: Armenia and Artsakh
2020 Dec 011h 26m 26s
Hey everyone! This is the first episode of You Don't Know History! In this episode, I'm joined by author ("Citizen of Earth," "The Great Traitor," and "The Hooligans of Kandahar") and host of the Lions Led By Donkeys podcast Joe Kassabian, and we talk about the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the territory that is know as Nagorno-Karabakh by most, and Artsakh by Armenians.
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