5 episodes
A podcast about hitting rock bottom, and what comes next.


Ep. 6 - "Selling Your Baby"
2017 Nov 1033m 6s
Amanda Peyton is a technology entrepreneur living in San Francisco, CA. Her last company, Grand St., was acquired by Etsy in 2014. Most recently she worked at Google's Advanced Technologies and Projects. Amanda talks about privilege, being consumed by work, and selling her first company.
Ep. 5 - "The Smashed Keyboard(s)"
2017 Nov 1031m 13s
Alex Karpovsky is an American director, actor, screenwriter, producer and film editor. He is best known for playing Ray Ploshansky on the HBO comedy-drama series GIRLS. Alex discusses his creative rock bottom: moving back in with his parents and editing his first film.
Ep. 3 - “Gut Punched”
2017 Nov 1034m 48s
Cord Jefferson is a writer and journalist currently working in television, most recently on THE GOOD PLACE, MASTER OF NONE and THE NIGHTLY SHOW. Cord talks to us about his mother’s illness and his evolving relationship to things beyond his control.
Ep. 4 - "This Is How It Ends"
2017 Nov 1024m 32s
Mel Shimkovitz is a writer, director and actor. She’s recently been seen on the first two seasons of Amazon's TRANSPARENT. She talks to us about her first love, first heartbreak, and the deepest depths of her loneliness.
Ep. 2 - “A Peculiar Hermitage”
2017 Nov 1024m 43s
Graham Moore is a New York Times bestselling novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter: his screenplay for THE IMITATION GAME won the Academy Award in 2015. Graham talks to us about alienation, falling out of touch with reality, and the role these feelings play in the stories he writes.
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