Lets Play : How To Hack The Game Of School
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Lets Play : How To Hack The Game Of School Podcast on advice for students to become a super-student from mediocre. How to do everything apart from school and explore different domains. And start enjoying the life in school without worrying about anything. And to hack the problems you get during your school life.


How to remember everything u read (part 1)
2019 Aug 301m 9s
In it i told his to be great at learning the school boring theories...
How to Network with Everyone
2019 Jul 202m
In this I talked about how to be good in everyone's mind..
Lets Play : How to Hack the Game of School.
2019 Jul 021m 12s
Advice for students about What to do, How to do for all of their school problems. How to become a super student and start enjoying everything without worrying.
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