Over/underrated: a music podcast with Fran and Babs
  • Barbara Mendes-Jorge
6 episodes
Do you believe the hype? Fran & Babs talk about bands and artists potentially given undue credit & musicians who should be more famous


Ep 5 - Brighton: Fatboy Slim (Overrated) & Blood Red Shoes (Underrated)
2021 Jan 1457m 34s
In the first episode of 2021, Fran is questioning whether Fatboy Slim deserves so much praise - he hasn't released that many new tunes recently - while Babs wants Blood Red Shoes to receive more accolades, especially from British rock fans...
Ep 4 - Special Episode: Fran and Babs' Best of 2020
2020 Dec 241h 21m 43s
Tweaking the format slightly to finish the year on a more positive note, Fran and Babs have each shared their 10 favourite songs of 2020 and discuss their top over/underrated musicians and moments of 2020. How melodic will Fran's playlist be? Will Babs' selection be filled with "angry, soulless" music? Ultimately - will they agree on a single song?!
Ep 3 - Leeds: Alt-J Δ (Overrated) & Duels (Underrated)
2020 Dec 1746m 27s
Babs wants to convince you Alt-J Δ aren't just your average nice posh boys, while Fran ponders where Duels disappeared to after burning bright in the mid-noughties. You can find the playlist for this episode  'Over/underrated - Ep 3: Leeds, Alt-J (Overrated) & Duels (Underrated)' on Spotify - it includes all songs from our playlists, plus bonus ones from other artists discussed during the episode. Laura Snapes' Pitchfork review of Alt-J's An Awesome Wave is here and you can find the hilarious Alt-J parody song on YouTube. In Cold Blood is dissected by Alt-J on the podcast Song Exploder. The Guardian review of Duels' second album The Barbarians Move In is here and the Duels x monkeys on bikes video is on YouTube. Download, subscribe and get in touch! Follow us on social media - it's @OUmusicpod on Twitter, @overunderratedmusicpod on Instagram. You can also email us at overunderratedmusicpod@gmail.com. Thanks to Mark Abbott for our logo.
Ep 2 - Athens GA: R.E.M. (Overrated) & The B-52's (Underrated)
2020 Dec 1049m 35s
Fran takes us through the best of R.E.M.'s back catalogue and Babs pleads with us to take The B-52's more seriously.
Ep 1 - Britpop: Oasis (Overrated) & Shed Seven (Underrated)
2020 Dec 1050m 25s
Babs lets out years of rage against Oasis while Fran passionately discusses Rick Witter & the boys...
Over/underrated: a music podcast with Fran and Babs (Trailer)
2020 Dec 102m 32s
Yes, it's another podcast conceived and recorded in lockdown!
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