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  • Ken Eash
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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is my journey in building a life of liberty for myself and my family. I started this podcast as a way to share my thoughts on life and current event, and the things I learn along the way. Hopefully you find a little nugget of value in each episode that you can apply in your own life. Do good work.


22 Five Steps to Freedom!!
2021 Jan 2011m 8s
Here's 5 steps you can take to create a resilient lifestyle of freedom no matter what happens:
21 Oppressive Controllers
2021 Jan 1314m 11s
“The number one skill we can ever acquire is the ability to use our mind to create possibilities for our lives, and to resolve problems. This is very important because without the control of our mind, we follow other people’s minds and actions, and not ours. Then we fall and we fail.”
20 Building the House of Freedom
2021 Jan 0718m 3s
Homestead/farming book recommendations.
19 Gotta Get Goals - with Brandon Yoder
2020 Dec 3134m 32s
Setting goals and working the plan is so key to achieving the things we want in life. Brandon sets a good example for how to chase after those goals and not get distracted by "shiny objects".
18 Online Privacy and Protection
2020 Dec 2313m 29s
For many of us, our whole life is online; our connections with friends and family, our shopping, our banking. It is imperative that we take the steps necessary to protect our privacy and information as much as humanly possible.
17 Mental Protection and Preparation
2020 Dec 1615m 49s
Turn off the TV, folks. There's a reason it's called "programming".
16 Physical Preparedness and Protection
2020 Dec 0933m 49s
Today is a continuation of last week's show, Eroding Liberties.
#15 Eroding Liberties
2020 Dec 0519m 27s
In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, "never waste a good crisis".
14 Teen Catalyst Experience
2020 Nov 2319m 8s
Today I talk a bit about the Teen Catalyst Experience, my 8 week 1-1 program designed to help youth create a lifestyle of freedom by being intentional about the way they live life.
#13 SIDE HUSTLES: 6 Ways You Can Earn Income TODAY!!
2020 Nov 2127m 23s
I've come up with 6 ways you can earn extra income TODAY!! Whether you've lost your job, have never had a job, or need income in addition TO your job: you can do at least ONE of these things to earn a little extra cash.