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  • Justin Christensen
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No more saying, "I'll do it SOMEDAY". LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WAIT FOR SOMEDAY. - Join Success Coach Justin Christensen on his SOMEDAY LIFE journey as he interviews guests who are dedicated to their craft and thriving in their passions. Learn how to conquer real life challenges, breakdown mental barriers, and build your SOMEDAY LIFE. Follow Justin on Instagram @somedaylifepodcast & @jxchri4 Want to receive one-on-one coaching from Justin? Email You can help support the podcast by buying Justin a coffee. Simply visit


(7) Trevor Summers
2021 Jan 151h 9m 42s
Trevor Summers is an elite Certified Personal Trainer and simply a marvelous human! He owns and operates Train With Trev! He has a great story and one you need to hear! Make sure you follow him on Instagram @train_with_trev Make sure to follow the show...
(6) Dave Nelson
2021 Jan 081h 7m 59s
Dave Nelson is a realtor for KW. He operates one the most efficient real estate teams you will ever see.  He is in the top1% for real estate production in East Idaho, and ranked in the top 10 for units sold in the North West Region of the United States...
Fishing - Someday Sticky Note (4)
2021 Jan 0311m 7s
There a lot of similarities when it comes to life and fishing. The biggest being - if you don't cast you will never catch. And it's my belief that it's more about the adventure then the actual fish. Host and founder Justin Christensen is joined by...
(5) BE BOLD - Michelle Ziel-Dingman
2020 Dec 231h 9m 16s
Join me as I speak with the one and only Michelle Ziel-Dingman! Michelle is one of the best people on this planet and she has a very BOLD mindset! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook @somedaylifepodcast and be sure to rate the podcast episode!
(4) Bodybuilder - Ryan Coronado IFBB Pro
2020 Dec 131h 31m 16s
Founder and host of the Someday Life Podcast Justin Christensen interviews IFBB Pro bodybuilder Ryan Coronado. He is a TCM National Champion and owner of Team Show Ready. You can follow Ryan @ryan_tony_ifbb and @team_show_ready_Follow me on Instagram...
Gambling On Yourself - Someday Sticky Notes (3)
2020 Dec 0911m 14s
When is the last time you gambled on yourself? Host and founder of the Someday Life Podcast Justin Christensen delivers valuable insight as to why you should go all in on yourself. Follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook @somedaylifepodcast
Whiskey Whispers (1) Bulleit Bourbon Review
2020 Dec 051h 11m 5s
In this episode, host and founder of the Someday Life Podcast Justin Christensen does a whiskey review with good friend Sheridan Bird - drink of choice...Bulleit Bourbon! Follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook @somedaylifepodcast
Be The Bison - Someday Sticky Notes (2)
2020 Dec 029m 33s
On this edition of Someday Sticky Notes I encourage you to BE THE BISON! - Hit me up on Facebook and Instagram @somedaylifepodcast
Competitors Welcome - Someday Sticky Notes (1)
2020 Nov 198m 19s
On this edition of Someday Sticky Notes I encourage you to welcome  your competition, discuss the two types of competition, and why having competitors is a tremendous upside! Don't run and hide from competition. Embrace it! Welcome it! Follow the...
(3) Mindset! Mindset! - Jamie Casella
2020 Nov 171h 18m 1s
Jamie Casella is a serial entrepreneur who is currently thriving in the beauty industry. She has multiple businesses and is taking over the MLM industry! She is a devoted mom and a kick ass wife! She has fought through mental challenges and domestic...