The Everyday People Podcast with Okta
  • Oktaviano Syahruddin
3 episodes
This Podcast is a personal project I have created for 'Everyday People' to have a chat about their personal experiences they have lived so far. The aim for these stories and experiences is to help others, including myself, to grow, laugh and evolve into the best version of ourselves possible. Enjoy!


Damian Kirk #02
2021 Jan 0650m 30s
On this episode I have a chat with another friend from high school, Damian Kirk. I went in with no notes or structure, assuming I was ready to just let it fly. I was wrong, another lesson learnt!
Petera Tamarua #01
2020 Dec 1655m
It’s hard to be natural once you know the record button has been pushed and the microphones are in your face, even if the first guest on your Podcast is your best mate.
Who is Okta? #00
2020 Nov 285m 15s
A short introduction episode; a little bit about myself and why I've started this podcast. Scripted and awkward, but aiming to get better. I hope this gives you an understanding of who I am. Thanks for listening!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.