• Danny Misfit
16 episodes
Horror and horror accessories All things that rhyme with death and things that rot


All Good Things Come To An End.
2020 Nov 301m 27s
With a heavy heart At Your Darkest is coming to an end. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the podcast.
To All The Ghouls I Love
2020 Nov 023m 21s
Over 300 plays in a matter of a few weeks. Thank you for all the help and support. Music by Tomb of Nick Cage
Episode 11: We Are The Weirdos( featuring Morgin Bailey)
2020 Oct 2549m 17s
My wife finally makes her first appearance and we talk about Scream and the Warren's.
Episode 10: Boo Bitch Craft
2020 Oct 247m 36s
Brief review of the remake of the Witches and talks about Corona vs Halloween
Episode 9: Red Carpet Grave (featuring Josh Barnes
2020 Oct 2440m 42s
My second guest is none other than Josh Barnes of Brutiful and his now solo project Red Carpet Grave. Follow Follow Red Carpet Grave on fb: https://www.facebook.com/RedCarpetGraveMusic/
Episode 8: Patent Pending
2020 Oct 219m 34s
Briefly talks about 1980s Satanic Panic... The band Heavens and future guest Joshua Barnes of Red Carpet Grave and Brutiful.
Episode 7: He Who Laughs Last
2020 Oct 128m 29s
A quick update on my life and things to come. I promise I will be putting a couple of more episodes out.
Episode 6 1/2: Things to Come
2020 Aug 145m 44s
Just a brief update on myself and the future of the podcast.
Episode 6: Childs Play 1988 vs Childs Play 2019
2020 Jun 2014m 13s
I talk about the original Childs Play series as compared to the remake.
2020 Jun 081m 50s
With only three episodes left of the first season I just wanted to say thank you for the help and support. Rot n roll ghouls