Three Guys Talk Football
  • Chris King
3 episodes
Three guys, the Premier League and hopefully some laughs along the way.


Gameweek 8: Spurs to run riot? Villa losing to Arsenal?
2020 Nov 0631m 58s
Fresh of the heels of our marginally successful predictions, we take another crack at seeing if we can perfectly predict the Premier League. There's mostly agreement here, but some debates and definitely deluded supporter's glasses on for one prediction...
Gameweek 7: Predictions
2020 Oct 3028m 4s
We sit down and take a look at the upcoming games for this week. West Ham vs Liverpool certainly caused some controversy and are Spurs up for an easy game? Tune in, find out what we think and then laugh at us if we are very, very wrong.
Gameweek 6: Predictions
2020 Oct 2530m 2s
Three guys down to two take a look at the Premier League fixtures for gameweek six. Aston Villa vs Leeds and Chelsea vs Manchester United are the main talking points as we take a look at one of the most surprise success stories and the team with £200 million of expectation.
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