Technology Tap
  • Juan Rodriguez
6 episodes
This podcast is about explaining different technology topics so that everyone can understand


CompTIA A+ exam - RAID
2021 Jan 1919m 45s
In this episode, we will review the RAID for the CompTIA A+ exam. 1- We talk about what is RAID2- We talk about the different RAIDS on the exam3- We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of RAID4- And a little troubleshooting.Please make sure you...
CompTIA A+ exam
2021 Jan 0519m 2s
In this episode, we will review the score for each A plus exam. Along with the domains, books, videos, and other study material. We will also go through a type CompTIA question and the strategy that you can use.Art By SarahMusic by Joakim KarudLittle...
Eero mesh review
2020 Dec 1310m 52s
On our fourth podcast, we will talk about does Eero makes a good Christmas gift. 1- What is an Eero?2- How well does it work?3- Is it worth it?. Art By SarahMusic by Joakim KarudLittle chacha ProductionsJuan Rodriguez can be reached...
Taking an exam during a pandemic
2020 Dec 0216m 16s
On our third  podcast, we will talk about taking an exam during a pandemic1-  Any changes in the way they do it?2- Can we still write down notes?3- Taking it from home is it fair?We will also talk to Tim Smith, who recently took the exam, is here to...
New Security Plus exam
2020 Nov 1915m 57s
CompTIA came out with a new Security Plus exam. Security Plus 601. In this episode, we will talk about 1-Any changes to the exam2- New job roles 3- When does the old exam expireCompTIA is a non-profit vendor-neutral company that creates entry-level...
Why do we update our devices
2020 Nov 0917m 1s
On our first podcast, we will talk about why do we upgrade our devices1-  What devices we need to update2- Why do we need to update3- The consequences of not updatingWe will also talk to Doug Fong, he is IT Support Administrator for SF General Hospital...