• Randall & Siler Head
5 episodes

Travel the world with us and listen to the stories of people who chose to “Switch the Flip” on their countries’ societal expectations to follow their passions, and get inspired to follow your own!


Episode 5: Máh-roc with Roksan Sarfati
2020 Aug 0859m 51s
Roksan discusses fashion as activism, growing up in Turkey, and empowering women with her brand máh-roc.
Episode 4: Yogic Oscillations with Romy Aardse
2020 Mar 1156m 45s
Romy Aardse left behind a promising neuroscience career in Amsterdam to study the body and mind in a more intuitive way: through yoga and meditation.
Episode 3: Tropical Wax with Aslam Anver
2020 Feb 0751m 29s
Surfer, restaurant manager, and selector of music, Aslam Anver, talks about Sri Lanka's culture and tourism industry, as well as Tropical Wax: a collective effort to redefine the South coast's party and music scene.
Episode 2: Full Lotus
2020 Jan 2953m 53s
After a week and a half on the road, we check in to discuss our experiences in Bangkok, a warm welcome in Sri Lanka, and what happens when you push yourself too hard during an Ashtanga yoga practice. . . .
Episode 1: Pre-Trip Briefing
2020 Jan 1841m 27s
Randall and Siler discuss expectations, goals, and travel philosophies before embarking on their third trip to Southeast Asia.
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