God and Life and Stuff
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A podcast devoted to developing a spirituality for the tumbled jumble of our everyday lives.


Advent: Comparing Stories
2018 Dec 1432m 41s
We understand who we are by the stories that control our imaginations. During the Christmas season, we are faced with two sets of stories: The Jesus story and other "Christmas" stories. What happens when we compare and contrast the two? (A sermon preached at Hub City Church in Albany, Oregon)
Praying your anger with Psalm 137
2018 Dec 1227m 55s
One of the biggest holes in our spiritualities is the praying of our anger. This sermon given at Journey Church in Bend, Oregon, address this lack and how to approach it. (A sermon preached at Journey Church in Bend, Oregon)
The Not-Knowing of Parenting
2017 Apr 2711m 56s
When the Bible is so hesitant to give us parenting techniques, why are we so ready to do so? What's going on here?
Gospel According to March Madness
2017 Mar 188m 28s
March Madness basketball is great fun, but its values are almost entirely opposite to the gospel of Jesus.
The joy of farting — the humor & humility of flatulence
2017 Mar 087m 54s
The daily experience of farting just might be one of the most healthy things not just for our bodies, but for our souls as well.
Re-membering — the importance of memory to maintaining community
2017 Feb 099m 22s
In both the Scriptures and the fiction of Wendell Berry, remembering is the key to the covenant relationships which form real community.
Dual Citizens — living as citizens of heaven & of our local communities
2017 Feb 0813m 6s
We live in a tension between two sometimes conflicting citizenships — a citizenship in the nation God has placed us and a citizenship in heaven with Jesus as King.
Fruitless — the empty feel of a bare-branched life
2017 Feb 065m 21s
When our lives are looking bare-branched and fruitless, it's time to look a little further afield to see where the real fruit may lie.
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