• Nadia Jgalli
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Welcome to my podcast spot, where you can find thoughts, any lifestyle topics, school advice, mental health... all spoken by a really dramatic gen Z girl.The name of the podcast stands for the idea that this can be our place where we can stop for only 20 min and feel different afterwards. New episodes every Friday.


Fashion and its standards
2020 Oct 0226m 18s
Hey listeners in today’s episode I talk about how fashion it’s part of our lives, how it affected me due to its standards and the impact on the environment. But not only that also I’m giving a small promotion to a local hotel www.lasgondolas.es so check them out if you need a place to stay in case you are visiting Gran Canaria.
Back to school season check
2020 Sep 1837m 1s
Today's episode is a little longer than usual because I'm talking about a really important topic which is school, so take your time grab a drink and some food and... enjoy it.
Get to know and Covid-19's hit
2020 Sep 1126m 53s
In today's first episode,I'm going to share random facts about me and the before, while and after of Covid-19 in my life.
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