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Bros Once Loyal is a podcast where two best friends forcibly induct a third best friend into the Warhammer 40,000 fandom. Join us every week for rundowns on factions, lore, and famous figures, as well as tips for cleaning your God Emperor cum tribute jar.


B1L13: Calgar/Swarmlord Deathvore Mpreg ASMR 18+ [Tyranids Part 2]
2021 Jan 251h 10m 28s
Continuing off of last week's episode, we get even more intimate with the Tyranids and definitely don't go wildly off topic. You can see the pics we reference here: https://www.facebook.com/BrosOnceLoyal/posts/165803228652129
B1L12: Stop the Genesteal [Tyranids Part 1]
2021 Jan 181h 3m 29s
In this week's episode, we talk about an invading force of mindless drones, coordinated by a malevolent intelligence that wants only to destroy everything we hold dear! We also talk about the Tyranids.
B1L11: My Cousin NIMBY [Craftworld Eldar]
2021 Jan 111h 8m 46s
This week we take a closer look at everyone's favorite aesthetically confused ship dwellers the Craftworld Eldar.
B1L10: Spring Break Forever [Dark Eldar]
2021 Jan 051h 44m 30s
Happy New Year! With how painful 2020 was, it's only fitting that we start 2021 off on a lighter note. So join us as we learn more about everyone's favorite genocidal torture cult the Dark Eldar!
B1L09: BDSM (Blood, Drugs, Sex, Memes) [Slaanesh]
2020 Dec 281h 18m 2s
Oh boy, it's our horniest episode yet, with 500% more Judas Priest than the next leading competitor! So put on your sex goggles and join us as we learn more about everyone's favorite sentient blood orgy Slaanesh. Also, Sam is trapped inside of a Dreadnought for the first 20 minutes, but we manage to dig him out during the break.
B1L00: Bros of Christmas Past [Third War for Armageddon]
2020 Dec 241h 15m 13s
We've got a special bonus episode for yinz this week! The very, VERY first episode of B1L recorded just over a year ago as a test of our podcasting prowess. Marvel at our iffy audio quality as we discuss the universe's biggest mosh pit and make references to shit that happened way back in 2019.
B1L08: Angery.Reaccs.Only [Khorne]
2020 Dec 211h 3m
WE'RE MAD AS HELL. WE'RE FUCKIN PISSED. We get a lil sad thinking about 9/11 and the horrors that followed. Come for the blood and skulls, stay for the Navy Seal war crimes.
B1L07: Tchange We Can Deceive In [Tzeentch]
2020 Dec 141h 20m 27s
In the first episode we recorded since our official launch, we take a look at the galaxy's greatest prankster while dunking on three nurglings in a trench coat (code name Steve Bannon). Check out the images referenced here: https://bros-once-loyal.tumblr.com/post/637513111089315840/glory-to-the-fateweaver-here-are-all-the-images.
B1L06: Where Everybody Knows You're Plagued [Nurgle]
2020 Dec 071h 2s
The bros are finally back together irl in our most musical episode yet! We blast particles at each other and talk about everyone's favorite plague spewing chaos god. If you listen carefully, you can hear the spirit of Nurgle manifest physically in the studio with us. It's totally not an ice cream truck, we swear! Once again it's obvious we recorded this months ago.
B1L05: Dark Raven Mad [Loyalist Primarchs Part 2]
2020 Nov 3053m 52s
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so it's the perfect time to talk about ravens, blood, and insufferable nerds. We cover the rest of the Imperium's sweetie pies in between wild tangents about tactical trolling and high school teachers hepped up on goofballs.